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Tianjin, China


5,276 m²



3,377 m²
2,852 m²
1,681 m²
13,800 m²

he population density of Tianjin’s New Development Zone (Eco-City) is rapidly increasing. The activity center should facilitate the use of and strike a balance between the demands for mass shopping, leisure, and education. However, in considering mass consumption behavior, requiring modern hardware design, we must also enhance culture and pursue social harmony.

We use the atrium of glass lighting to adapt to the local climate, forming a comfortable activity and shopping environment. We create a patio courtyard, an underground plaza, and other multi-level open spaces to promote crowd and interpersonal interaction. The simple and generous post-modern facade design continues the style of temporary buildings and maintains the sense of the city along the street, but it also adds some modern elements to create an elegant high-end department store.

The 15m high atrium space will provide sufficient natural daylight, fresh air convection, wide open view, eco-friendly space, crowds of shopping malls, and commercial activities on all floors in tandem to promote vitality and popularity. The atrium narrows towards the top, creating a sense of open and transparent space, and the building's profile forms the shape of a cone.

The atrium space around the ring layer integrates illumination, HVAC, fire protection, green building, and other professional needs. The wall design, green forms, and materials show a sense of quality and exquisite comfort space. A glass dome is based above the atrium with an elegant modern mesh division design, uniquely highlighting the overall mall space.

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