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Taoyuan Art Museum

Urban Planning


Commissioned Study


Culture, Masterplan




Taoyuan, Taiwan


299,053 m²

A key portion of the nurturing the pond culture as the “symbiotic relationship” is the development’s preservation strategy. 
Addressing concerns of civil development affecting the area's delicate water flow and eco-system to desert the users foot prints, the design will mimic the abstract pond ecologies of the region, re-establishing over 3 interval river southwest to northeast boundary, reframed by 3 kilometers from east to west lifted train track. In addition to maintaining the region’s ecological sustainability, this extensive setting for the activities along the promenade and corridors is to provides overlapped linkage yet offer the resiliency against the deserted foot prints over divided lifted train track. The development includes the offering of path systems, prioritized the users to promote the use on diversity of five precincts.
The network is the speed setting for various of characteristics of each neighborhood to built upon, the memory of the pond. The collective of life path.




In Urban Planning, we utilize the abstract pond culture as the fundamental principal

to combine the planned open space with each individual precincts

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