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Black Marble
Beautiful Woman
Poker Game
Dinner Party
Wine Cheers


Commissioned Study






Yangon, Myanmar


37,400 m²


Hotel & Casino:

37,050 m²
120,600 m²
55,000 m²
212,650 m²

The twisting towers that's very dynamic to response the overall theme of the main program of the casino- where the energy is much engaged with the excitement of such entertainment. All units are rotated along the outer form while corridor provides the perfect linkages within the inner plaza view. We, therefore, propose the scalding with the calm and the focused texture where we emphasize the form and the playfulness relationship between functions. The dialog between the commercial retails are quite seductive. It gathered the lights into space- of the egg shape, which is pure & calm while counter against the actual activity awaits to happen within the space. The 2nd level _interlocking platform has connected once again the overall people scale areas inside out on lifted plaza level while becoming the canopy of the ground floors against the main entry of retails. This opens up the plaza to be constantly shaded with filled northern light throughout the year to offer the extended event from the atrium into outdoor events. This activates the whole year round semi-outdoor café and kiosk to link with the main atrium of the retail plaza, inside out. The oval retail dorm is where the consumer will spend most time mingling with luxury goods and the theme of being in the place where happenings with the elite theme. Dialog as is quite successful. The overall shape realizes the space flow while being the judge for the tower against the egg dome. It is a whimsical proposal


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