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Jizhou, China

Children's Theme Travel is currently one of the most popular travel business projects in the world with countless children's themed travel destinations around the world. Children's Museums in June at Poipu Children's Museum in Sweden, the Toy Museum in the United States, Japan's Bunya Museum, Di Xiong Museum, Finland's crazy bird theme park and other theme tourism projects. While hundreds of children's theme museum and children's playground integration, but it is a precedent for pioneering initiatives. Children's Theme Museum World is located in the territory of Xujiatai Town, east of Beijing and northwest of Tianjin. The project includes the theme museum, children's equestrian sports, leisure and vacation, and landscape real estate. It is a tourism, leisure, dining, entertainment, shopping, Living and other functions in one of the major children's cultural theme tourism community. It combines the children's theme culture, collection culture, children's education and sports with the leisure culture in Beijing and Tianjin perfectly, sets a new benchmark for leisure life in Beijing and Tianjin, and plays an important role in promoting tourism brand in Tianjin and urban economic development Promote the role.

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Sustainable Buildings that Remix Technology and Nature

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