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Taoyuan Train Station

Train Station
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Dog Walker
Couple on a Walk
Bike Against a Yellow Wall


Commissioned Study


Transport, Masterplan




Taoyuan, Taiwan


43.38 Ha

Taoyuan is the first gateway city into Taiwan. The city has the largest international airport, is going to planning a special finance zone of maritime and air transportation port in the near future.

With the railway's undergroundization and the southward extension of the MRT Green Line, Taoyuan District will become an important axis of citizen's life in Taoyuan together with the other three major living areas and will become the future important base for supporting the "Asia-Silicon Valley" to become  People's livelihood foundation.

The great city value and the potential of industrial and waterfront around the current base, we propose three major visions:
1.    Industrial innovation of youth vitality
2.    Friendly open space value
3.    Into the Diversified city
4.    Based on the natural axis, creating four major lifestyle: Metropolis, Lohas, Cultural, Eco-sustainable


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