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Linkou Mixed Use Condo

Happy Family
1# - blue_edited
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Schematic Design




2020 Completion


New Taipei City, Taiwan


23,834 m²

Establish a balanced and calm introversion of the building, and the interspersing of a large amount of vivid space to complete a rich and vivid combination, bringing out the unique international style of the city. The prerequisites for the advantages of the two buildings are first presented in terms of the building volume, and then from the rigidity and softness of the building's appearance, to the sculptural framework to show the fountainhead of strength, echoing the continuous vertical movement, and taking every three floors as a unit , Jumping dynamic shuttle to play the sense of hierarchy of proportion and order.

Reverse the narrow environmental disadvantages along the street façade, with vertical frontal extension, organic change, rational division, and flexible use of the rhythm of spatial proportions. The design is based on a large number of volume, and then the vertical frame is used to display the volume. Finally, it is supplemented by a large and rhythmic stacking to plan a vertical international super classic.

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