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Linkou Mixed Use Condo

Happy Family
1# - blue_edited
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Schematic Design




2020 Completion


New Taipei City, Taiwan


23,834 m²

The building's introverted nature is established through a balanced and calm design, which is complemented by the interspersing of large amounts of vivid space that create a rich and spacious atmosphere. This design brings out the unique international style of the city. The advantages of the two buildings are first considered in volumetric terms, followed by a focus on the building's appearance, balancing rigidity and softness, akin to a sculptural framework that emanates strength. This design concept resonates with the continuous vertical movement, achieved through a dynamic shuttle system that jumps every three floors, enhancing the sense of proportion and order within the hierarchy.                              


The design, with vertical frontal extension, organic change, rational division, and flexible use of spatial proportions rhythms, overcomes the challenges provided by the environmental disadvantages along the street facade. The design is based on a large numerical volume, and then the vertical frame is used to display this volume. Finally, a large and rhythmic stacking supplementation is added to develop the vertically oriented international masterpiece.

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