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New Modern Chinese 

High-End Club

190617 女主臥
190411 二樓起居室








Beijing, China



20 rooms

8 halls

12 bathrooms 

The unique mechanism of Beijing Heyuan integrates with the traditional atrium space configuration and Chinese decorative elements, and uses modern methods to refine the simple symbols and express them. In addition to embodying cultural tastes, it pays more attention to the comfort of life.

The main axis of the design of this project is "introduction and hiding." The so-called "citation" is to introduce light, introduce landscape, introduce outdoor, introduce elements, focus on the overall embodiment of the house, both inside and outside, echoing up and down, coordinating architectural vocabulary, cleverly completing the plane configuration in line with functional requirements, and the above space traction and processing is the whole The backbone of the plan is also the most important part of the design.

Using simple composite ceilings, elegant stone, special texture wallpapers, custom iron parts, unique taste and comfort and wisdom are hidden in the overall.

Plan with ingenious functional requirements to pull in space.

The elegant design presents a calm space, and then chooses the smart equipment, which is equipped with elegant furniture, furnishings, and bedding accessories.

Tranquil and elegant literati style, ingenious combination of window hole and courtyard view.

A multi-bookcase-like bookcase, revealing the owner's dignity and atmospheric style. 

Quiet decoration color scheme, hiding the hustle and bustle in the space