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Masterplan, SD-Concept






Wuyi Mountian, China

67,100 m²



4 Star Room
5 Star Room
Convention Center


Wedding Chapel


SPA Center

8,512 m²
14,146 m²
3,729 m²

950 m²

8,280 m²

2,794 m²

2,038 m²

5,175 m²

Design components include extensive merging with the contour to revoke the healing echo of the visitors. The interactive water feathers, walking trails, sunset tunnel, (sun dial), tea garden, Semi outdoor community workshop, meditation courtyard, etc.

All components of function served from the spinal lined raised terrace merging building retaining walls with contour to combined as one integrated landform. It’s a place for community of families and friends. To provide the public with an iconic and into the high-end sanctuary from the Wuyi tales.

Anchored with the dining Hall, consists of a hybrid integration of both bold gesture and small garden spaces. The play of magic moments framed by the in cohesive wall of building forms effortlessly. The continuous wall line of the promenade, creating a visual transition from the surrounding, to the promenades intimates retreat quarter.

Contrasting the edged villas and the retails shops at street level from a continuous flied connection of building to open space.


The retreat house/ villas at the lower level from a continuous edge of the promenade and merge seamlessly with programmed courtyard, water feature, outdoor meditation, plaza, water feature, where focus on visual transition to the spinal front line of retreat house is a growing community where provide intimate yet flexible open space in a nature emerging.