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Modern Architecture

Urban University

Multi-functional Center

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Taipei, Taiwan


24,257 m²

The urban block and building are connected via a massive atrium and each floor of the building will feature a terrace that opens into the atrium.

Using a vertical overlay footprint to express by extrusion the box profile. the mass of the building overlaid with function, creating an urban inversion.

Urban inversion as excavation of the ground will reveal the ongoing network, showing the relationship between public and private court.

Ongoing network, showing the relationship between public and private court, bridging over the opened space. a pedestrian path passes through the opening, framing views of the encompassing context.

The common functions are positioned with direct access to the open court. the public levels are connected as view corridors

Space with seating viewing the area from all four directions.the upper tier contains the enclosed working areas while a cafe, restaurant, exhibition spaces, conference rooms and terrace top the solid block to overlook the city.

The proportions of the steps double as seating to meet, relax and lounge. these elements are articulated within the facade, displaying the internal organization to onlookers. a multipurpose hall features a central

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