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Commissioned Study






Yunnan, China


15,670,000 m²

Located in the Waterfront University of Science and Technology in Chenggong New District, Kunming, Yunnan, it has excellent traffic and geographical advantages. An hour's drive from Kunming Changshui International Airport, there are also newly opened high-speed railways connecting metro stations and a half-day direct access to Shanghai. It is also an important hub of China-Thailand Pan-Asia Railway.

The case base Yishanbangshui, has excellent natural geographical conditions. Based on the "Detailed Control Planning of Chenggong New District," the new town of Chenggong aims to be an international low-carbon city, maintain a good natural landscape and ecological environment, and create a landscape of mountains, rivers and rivers as a whole. See the mountains, see the water, stay in the ecstasy of ecotourism city.

Architectural planning and design, will respect the natural ecological design as the foundation principle, upholding the spirit of the overall urban planning, to create a sustainable green campus. The traditional campus space function to do more measurements, education model is also a single teaching of teachers and students teaching path. With the rapid development of science and technology, the methods of education in contemporary society have been gradually transformed into mutually supportive modes of teaching and learning. They have become face-to-face exchanges of different classes and become new learning channels for innovation. In the future, Chenggong will become an important hub linking China with Southeast Asia, where multinational talents will converge. In the planning and design of architectural space, "multivariate, equal and open" is the value, creating more educational and free space for education.

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