Victor Mascato Caneda

Senior Designer, Spain


2012 Escuela Técnica Superior de Arquitectura de A Coruna


2012 Art and Architecture Pontevedra, Spain
2012 Space and Architecture Santiago Compostela, Spain 
2013Cuisine and Architecture Ogrobe, Spain 
2013 Architects National Competition Fundation_ Caja de Arquitectos, ARQUIA

What has motivated me to choose this profession is the excitement.
Unlike other disciplines, ARCHITECTURE is a reflection of the society in which we live, a society in constant transformation that demands new ways of living to live.
The Architect is a person in a continuos learning situation. If we look closer at the origins of the architecture,the building have to inspire, encourage to feel and think at the same time, a work must contain a thought and a rational perspective that must respond to different technical questions that mark the boundaries between Art and Architecture.
ARQUIA, the National Competition for young architects in Spain. I am given responsi- bility to design, to draw and produce graphically presentations of international archi- tecture competitions like San Francisco Fire Departament, Spanish Pavilion for EXPO Milan, Marrakech Al Maaden Museum,  Arvo Pärt Centre or the Bristol Royal Extension.

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