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Taichung Modern Mansion

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Construction Developement






Taiwan Taichung


45,000 m²

Threading the natural characteristics of Taichung and Taiwan - the Yuanzui Mountain and the terraced green valleys - into a unique structure complemented with a filigree screen inspired by the delicate Chinese art of jewellery.
Altogether simple and complex, the facade system creates a tri-dimensional layered screen responsive to the local climate that almost ''changes"' shape during the day under the moving sun-light. Green planters are threaded perimetrally, creating protective green terraces.
The result is an iconic building sculpted by the light. Its green rooftop garden may further evolve into an amenity penthouse that will glowat night like an urban lantern.
The proposed system works with the existing approved plans with no additional structural challenge; it has the potential to be manufactured off-site as unitized facade system which can further reduce the manufacturing costs and the mounting time while increasing the finish quality.

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